10 Low Key Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

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Not all signs of cheating are blatantly obvious. Some signs of cheating are difficult to recognize because there may be times when the suspecting partner may second guess themselves or think that there is no reason for the cheater to cheat because the relationship seems to be going fine. Some see the signs of cheating and just mentally file them under things that are nothing to be concerned about. If you are looking for low key signs that your partner is cheating; signs that you may be dismissing because they are too subtle, then better continue reading below. Here is our list of subtle signs that your partner is cheating according to experienced private investigators.

Changes in the Bedroom Activities

If physical intimacy has waned or increased enough for you to notice it, that can be a sign of an affair. Either your partner has no more energy for you because the sexual needs are being met by someone else or your partner is compensating in the bedroom to hide the affair.

Friends and Family Seem Extra Nice Out of Nowhere

Cheating rarely stays hidden. The first ones to know are oftentimes family members or friends of the cheating partner. As a result, these people may try to compensate for their part in the affair by being overly nice to the other partner and becoming overly involved in the life of the couple to help the cheater hide the cheating.

Changes in Public Display of Affection

Just like changes in the bedroom activities, a cheating partner may distance themselves from you in public because their mind is with someone else or they can seem overly sweet as a compensatory mechanism.

Lack of Emotional Intimacy

If your partner no longer talks to you or you no longer share details of everyday life that you used to enjoy, then the relationship may not be doing well.

Changes in the Schedule

Changes in the schedule can happen with changes in work or stage in life but if your partner is hiding these changes or the reason given does not make sense, then further digging may be needed.

New Outlook in Life

A change in attitude or outlook in life can be a sign that your partner is spending time with someone else who is not a good influence. If this is coupled with not wanting to talk to you about the change, then it could be related to an affair.

Changes in Habits and Behaviour

If your partner has been avoiding you or avoiding talking about certain topics, acting strangely such as texting in the middle of the night, or suddenly dressing up in a different manner, then your partner may be hiding an affair.

Increased Arguments and Blaming

Cheaters lash out when they feel cornered psychologically. They may pick fights for no reason, blow up minor arguments, or accuse you of cheating on them in an attempt to divert attention away from their wrongdoing. This is a form of gaslighting and even when the other party is not cheating, this requires further investigation to be addressed as soon as possible.

Changes in Social Media Usage

If your partner has been interacting more with a specific person, hiding their interactions, and posting more or posting less on social media, then something might be afoot more so when paired with changes in their privacy settings.

Missing Money

Unexplained expenses in the bank records or credit cards, missing money in investment accounts or retirement accounts, or large withdrawals can mean that the money is being funneled to finance an affair. Affairs are expensive but even if they were not, financial dishonesty is not something to be ignored. Seek answers and clarity for your peace of mind.

When you notice the above warning signs of a cheating spouse and you have your own suspicions fueled by your partner?s behaviour that just doesn?t add up, it is best to get a straight answer and enough evidence for your peace of mind. Contact us at Haywood Hunt and ask about our private investigation services?for investigating cheating spouses and infidelity. We may not be able to help you save your marriage but we sure can help save your sanity!

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