7 Tell-Tale Signs of a Cheating Partner According to Private Investigators

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It can be a disturbing feeling to have a hunch that your partner is cheating on you without a way to verify the truth. Sure, asking your partner is an option but cheaters are not likely to be honest and will probably flip the situation when cornered. If you want to know the signs of a cheating partner that you should look out for, take note of the following tell-tale signs shared by our top private investigators in Toronto.

You Have a Strong Hunch That Your Partner is Cheating

Our minds are capable of noticing changes in behavior and actions even when we are not conscious of them. Some people call this instinct and some people call this a hunch. A strong hunch that your partner is cheating should be verified for your peace of mind, never ignored.

A Huge Change in Appearance

People generally undergo a makeover when there is a major change in their life such as a promotion, entering a new decade in life, or when they begin a new relationship. If your partner is having some drastic changes physically like wearing a different style of clothes or perfume, perhaps there is a reason for concern.

Noticing Strange Texting Habits

If your partner is suddenly texting in a separate room, has an extra phone, has become possessive of the phone, or is up texting in the middle of the night, then there might be something going on.

Working Longer Hours and Hiding Finances

Affairs are expensive and take up a lot of time. The most common way to create time for an affair is to pretend to be working on some days and truly work late on some days to create funds as well as the opportunity to meet with the lover. Having a secret bank account or withdrawing huge chunks of cash are other signs of cheating to watch out for.

Sudden Change in Interests

People tend to get interested in things that someone they are emotionally close with is interested in. If your partner has a sudden change in interest and now like very different music, movies, books, and food compared to what they are usually interested in, this could be a sign of cheating more so if your partner does not want to share the new interests with you.

Increased Secretive Habits

It is a different story if someone has always been secretive, but a partner who is suddenly changing passwords, putting on screen locks, and hiding minor things could be hiding something bigger from you.

Increased Moodiness and Emotional Outbursts

Cheaters lash out when they are overcome with guilt. This can manifest as being overly sweet one moment and flying in a rage the next. Some can also become accusatory and accuse the non-erring partner of cheating to distract attention from their actions. There are times that a cheating partner may pick fights to give them an excuse to go away and be with their lover for a while.

Lastly, if you feel that your partner is exhibiting signs of cheating then that is something worth looking into. Even if your partner is not cheating, you deserve to know the truth, so you can move forward. A clear understanding of your relationship situation is best for your peace of mind. Contact us at Haywood Hunt and ask about our private investigation services for investigating cheating spouses and infidelity.

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