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Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Don Panchuk (BA MA CFE CRM) to our Corporate Investigations Division. Don served for 31 years in the RCMP, retiring as the Superintendent in Charge of the Integrated Market Enforcement Team in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Prior to that he commanded the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit and the Integrated Proceeds of Crime Unit in the GTA. He has held management positions in the Enforcement Branch of the Ontario Securities Commission and in the Professional Regulation and Discipline Division of the Law Society of Ontario. He holds a graduate degree in Intelligence Studies; is a Certified Fraud Examiner; holds a designation as Canadian Risk Manager; and has successfully completed the Chief Compliance Officers Qualifying Examination through the Canadian Securities Institute.

The Corporate Investigations Division at Haywood Hunt and Associates Inc. also includes the Former Head of the RCMP Commercial Crime Section, the Former Head of the RCMP Stock Market Fraud Section as well as the Former Senior Investigator in Charge of the International Investigative Desk at one of Canada’s Major Financial Institutions. Which in turn, ensures you the client, that we are qualified in handling such on-takings.

This Elite Team also employs Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA), all with extensive experience conducting complex Fraud Investigations on a Global Scale.

Our Experts have the knowledge and understanding of Global Banking Systems and Regulations as well as contacts within International Banking, Law Enforcement and Investigations.

We have extensive knowledge of the methods used to transfer funds derived from illicit activity and vast experience in reviewing and analysing bank records and transactions. We have decades of experience with criminal and civil processes aimed at locating and freezing assets.

We can also work with Counsel to provide substantive evidence in support of appropriate action taken to secure assets, and assisting with the preparation and execution of Anton Pillar Orders, Norwich Pharmacal Orders, and Mareva Injunctions as well as providing testimony and depositions if and as required.

Haywood | Hunt & Associates Inc. is a globally recognized full-service private investigation agency with offices in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Vaughan and Barrie. The company provides professional and expert investigation services to corporate, legal, and government communities.

For more information on Haywood Hunt’s Corporate Investigations Division, please call 1-877-646-7878 or visit the website at https://www.haywoodhunt.ca/.

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