Online Romance Scams – Dating Scam Statistics 2023

In recent years dating has transcended the limitations of meeting people solely in person. With over 57 million individuals using dating apps in the United States and over 7 million in Canada, the opportunity to connect with others online has never been more convenient. Unfortunately, not everyone on these platforms has genuine intentions. Some individuals exploit these apps to carry out romance scams. At Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc., we have compiled 25 important statistics that show the extent of Romance Scams in 2023.


The Power of Open Source Intelligence Explained

The presence of easily accessible public records is one of the most crucial tools for private investigators in the digital era. While the information available to the public hasn’t significantly changed, the process of obtaining it has undergone a remarkable transformation. In our latest blog post we explain the power of open source intelligence and public records.


4 of the Top Scams in Canada Right Now and How to Avoid Them

The rise of the internet and technology has not only made our daily activities more convenient but has also opened up opportunities for scammers. Fraudsters are always coming up with new ways to trick their targets, and sadly, they are often successful. A recent study by CPA Canada’s annual fraud survey revealed that 46% of respondents had fallen victim to financial fraud at some point in their lives. This blog post outlines some of the scams that are currently taking the greatest financial toll on Canadians and offers advice on how to protect yourself.


Simple Ways to Use Technology to Catch a Cheating Partner

Cheating has always been an issue for some relationships, however, research shows it is becoming more rampant with access to technology. Thankfully, more technologies are being developed that can be used for monitoring or finding out if a spouse is engaging in something he or she shouldn’t be engaged in. Our team of private investigators at Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc. have shared some smart ways that you can use technology to catch a cheating spouse.


Our Condolences

We would like to send our condolences to the family of the Edmonton Police Officers who were killed in the line of duty, the Edmonton Police Service and all those impacted by this senseless tragedy. May they rest in peace.


6 Common Questions for Private Investigators in Ontario

Hiring a private investigation agency for the first time can be stressful as many people have a lot of questions and concerns. With our latest blog post, we cover 6 of the most common questions we get asked by our clients. If you have questions for us, please email or call and we’ll be happy to answer any and all of them for you.


How Private Investigators Can Help Families

Even families with no marital concerns can have issues arise that can benefit from the services of a private investigation agency. Private investigators help families in several ways. Below are some of the priceless ways that hiring the right private investigator can help your family.


Hazel McCallion 1921-2023

There will never be another Hazel McCallion. Her passion and dedication to the people of Mississauga from 1978-2014 will never be forgotten. She was a public servant in the truest sense and will be greatly missed by her community and the many people whose lives are better for her efforts.

Haywood Hunt would like to send our deepest condolences to the McCallion family and friends. A life well lived. May she rest in peace.