Car Dealership in Mississauga Suspended Over Alleged Forgery and Fraud

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A Mississauga dealership is allegedly involved in fraud and forgery. Allegations include odometer tampering according to investigators. The complete list of reasons for suspension name illegal sales, odometer tampering, suspected forgery, and fraudulent vehicle transfers.

Suspended Business Dealings

The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council issued a suspension for dealer Kajendan Kasippillai of KK Motors Canada, resulting to the dealership located in 6295 Mississauga Road Unit 215A not being allowed to legally lease, buy, sell, or consign vehicles for at present time. Kasippillai insists that the allegations are wrong and are just a big misunderstanding.

Investigation Results

The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council found that KK Motors Canada purchased write-offs from salvage auctions. The vehicles are then repaired and sold to consumers by unregistered businesses or individuals who are connected with KK Motors.

It is believed by OMVIC that KK Motors Canada forged documents and transferred the vehicles to the names of past customers before putting up the vehicles for sale by individuals and unregistered businesses connected to them. OMVIC CEO and interim registrar John Carmichael came to this conclusion because the majority of the purchasers have not heard of KK Motors and thought that their purchase of the vehicles were private deals. As of today, none of the allegations against KK Motors or Kasippillai have been proven.

OMVIC found out that out of the 13 vehicles they have investigated, 6 have rolled back odometers. This is supported by the fact that a 2007 Honda Odyssey sold by an associate of KK Motors in June only had an odometer reading of 141,411 kilometres despite the odometer reading 335,230 kilometres 4 months earlier from the same vehicle. Carmichael says OMVIC is alleging that the manipulation of the odometers for fraud was done by KK Motors or was done in behalf of KK Motors. As of now, the investigation for the individuals and unregistered businesses that are associated with KK Motors for selling vehicles are still ongoing.

History of Fraud?

KK Motors Canada was in fines $1,500 in 2012 for breach of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act for advertising a vehicle but failing to disclose in the advertisement that it had been placed by a registered dealer. The dealer was also found to have breached OMVIC?s code of ethics in 2014 for which they were fined $5,000 for failing to properly provide information regarding the past use, history, and condition of the vehicles they sold and not including significant repair histories and involvement in accidents.

Note that OMVIC usually only issues an immediate suspension when they believe that a vehicle dealer may be involved in actions that place the car-buying public at risk.

This case will now go to the License Appeal Tribunal. Kasippillai expressed that he will dispute the allegations and that he will attend the hearing to ensure that his license will be reinstated. In relation to this, OMVIC encourages anyone who?ve purchased from Kasippillai or KK? Motors Canada to have their vehicles inspected by a mechanic for possible issues that were not disclosed by the KK Motors and their associates.

Have you bought a vehicle from KK Motors Canada or bought a vehicle with a dubious history? Talk to us to find out what actions you can take against the seller and protect yourself from fraud. Our private investigation services can help you gather information for building a possible case. Contact us today!



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