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When should the background investigation process begin? It should commence long before an applicant ever arrives at the Human Resources Office. The key to a successful and thorough background investigation, and a subsequent employee relationship, is the initial set of documentation any applicant completes when they are seeking a position within any respected organization. Our team at Haywood | Hunt & Associates can support your organization with making the right decision when hiring.


A thorough background review is a critical component to any successful organizations hiring strategy. Our investigators can provide information from an array of sources, examine the individuals Social Media (ie. Facebook, Twitter), and conduct Life Style Surveillance on potential new staff members. We can support with providing you clarity so you can make an informed decision and feel confident in your hiring.


Haywood | Hunt & Associates can support your organization by investigating matters of contractual employment breaches. These breaches may include Non-Competitive Agreement Violations as well as the selling of intellectual property. The unauthorized utilization of company resources for personal gains is a very broad and costly epidemic many organizations experience without their knowledge. Our firm will tailor an Investigation | Surveillance solution to combat these integral breaches of trust.


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We are Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded

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There are variety of reasons people will hire a private investigator in Toronto, but for a lot of people and businesses, it’s all about wanting to know the truth. Private investigators provide services that are all about uncovering the truths that certain individuals want to hide either for personal or nefarious reasons. The truth may be uncomfortable for many, but for a lot of individuals, the truth is empowering and can give them peace of mind.

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Is OSINT Making Traditional Investigative Techniques Obsolete?

I often get asked, “With the amount of information found using open-source techniques, are traditional investigative methods becoming obsolete?” The answer will always be a resounding “No.” While the amount of information found online can often rival that stored on police and government databases the two are very different.

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It can be a disturbing feeling to have a hunch that your partner is cheating on you without a way to verify the truth. Sure, asking your partner is an option but cheaters are not likely to be honest and will probably flip the situation when cornered. If you want to know the signs of a cheating partner that you should look out for, take note of the following tell-tale signs shared by our top private investigators in Toronto.

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