Haywood Hunt and Associates Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Mark Fenton to lead the OSINT | Intelligence Division of their Corporate Investigations Team.

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Toronto, Ontario ? Haywood Hunt and Associates Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Mark Fenton to lead their new OSINT Intelligence Division.

As a 28 year veteran of the Vancouver Police Department, and 12 years spent in the Technological Crimes Unit, Mark recovered approximately $600 million in compromised financial data. He has provided crucial intelligence in relation to a number of high profile data breaches across North America, which resulted in the successful arrests of a number of global suspects.

As well as assisting municipal law enforcement agencies across Canada and the United States, Mark also worked closely with the RCMP, the FBI, the United States Secret Service, the United States Postal Inspectors and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria. Mark has also assisted the top 7 financial institutions in Canada, a number of large U.S banks and the 4 main North American credit card companies in recovering millions of dollars? worth of compromised data.

Since 2005 Mark has been a guest instructor at the BC Police Academy lecturing the police cadets on computer crime. He has also guest lectured / presented at the PRTC (Pacific Regional Training Centre-Canadian Police College in Chilliwack, BC), the IOC2 (International Organized Crime Intelligence and Ops Center in Potomac, MD), the BC Association of Police Boards (Police / Cyber issues), the BCIT (Cyber Legal Issues / Search Techniques), the POLCYB (Society for the Policing of Cyberspace), the BCCPA (BC Crime Prevention Association), Lower Mainland Crown Prosecutors Symposium, Northwest Fraud Investigators Association, FIRMA (San Antonio, Texas), Government agencies (Post Office, Vancouver Parole / Behavioural staff), the Vancouver School Board (Cyber Safety) and various lower mainland schools as well as numerous business and non-profit associations.

Mark was considered the departmental in-house expert at the Vancouver Police Department, regarding the Internet and was the only departmental trainer for Internet Investigations. He was responsible for the implementation and training of all investigative sections in how to use the Internet as both a research and investigative tool. This included both overt and covert investigations. Mark is also a sessional instructor at the Justice Institute of BC,where he teaches Internet Investigative courses.

In 2016 Mark received a Chief Constable?s Citation ??for developing innovative policing techniques that have been recognized worldwide?  In 2012, Detective Constable Mark Fenton developed a script that has been used not just across Canada, but also globally, to locate suicidal people, terrorists, pedophiles, and other hard-to-locate suspects.? In 2014 Mark received a Deputy Chief Constable?s Unit Citation for his open source investigative work during the 2011 Stanley Cup Riot. This was the first time that the Internet had played a crucial role in a major departmental investigation. In 2010 Mark was presented with the US Secret Service?s highest external award for investigative excellence in relation to a number of high profile Internet Joint Forces Operations. In 2006 he was awarded the Canadian Bankers Law Enforcement Award for outstanding cyber-fraud investigations. In 2005 he was also nominated for the Lieutenant Governor?s Award for Public Safety and in 2004 received a Chief Constables Unit Citation (Criminal Intelligence Section).

Mark retired from law enforcement in 2016 and continued to train law enforcement officers and organizations in Open Source Investigations until his recent appointment with Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc. which commenced on Tuesday February 16, 2021.

Mark will be instrumental in the expansion of and overall management of Haywood Hunt?s new OSINT Intelligence Division that utilizes the full depth of open source digital information, with its ever expanding sources, methods and wealth of valuable data. OSINT or Open Sources for Intelligence is a vast, complex and ever changing network, which involves traditional media, web-based communities and social networks, public data, professional and academic digital sources, geospatial methods and the deep web.

These methods are becoming invaluable to investigators as intelligence analysts are able to uncover information using methods that were once thought impossible.

At Haywood Hunt OSINT is often critical in the collection, collation and analysis of evidence allowing them to offer intelligence that is beyond the scope and capabilities of the vast majority of private investigation agencies. All of their methods are legally sound and utilizes processes that the courts will accept.

For more information on Haywood Hunt?s OSINT Intelligence Division, please call 1-877-646-7878 or visit their website at https://haywoodhunt.ca/.

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