How Private Investigators Can Help Families


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Even families with no marital concerns can have issues arise that can benefit from the services of a private investigation agency. Private investigators help families in several ways. Although investigators are commonly associated with providing the evidence needed for divorces, professional private investigators are capable of an array of private investigative services that go beyond this. Below are some of the priceless ways that hiring the right private investigator can help your family.

Clarify Information for Child Custody

Divorces where children are involved, typically come with the complex issue of deciding on the specifics of child custody. Unfortunately, the best environment for the child or children involved isn’t always as clear as what can be perceived at first glance. Hiring a private investigator for divorce and child custody cases can bring to light some issues or discrepancies that can affect the decision for child custody. Problems such as neglect or unfit parenting can be proven with supporting data gathered by a professional private investigator.

Investigate a Cheating Spouse or Partner

Betrayal from a spouse or partner is one of the most painful experiences someone can endure, and it can be challenging to move on without clear and undeniable proof of cheating. A private investigator can uncover hidden information about affairs, sexual dalliances, and more.

Verify Information for Support Payments

It is not uncommon for a parent or ex-partner to hide sources of income or assets to avoid contributing the right amount of support payments. Asking for more support can be very difficult without irrevocable proof of hidden assets or income. A private investigator can uncover these as well as help trace offshore bank accounts, businesses named under someone else, and more.

Conduct Background Investigations

Conducting background investigations may not be something that comes to mind when thinking of how a private investigator can help families, but if you’re hiring house staff or someone who will stay at your home and have constant contact with your family, then it makes perfect sense to make sure that they are who they claim to be with a background check. As cliché as it may sound, a background check may also be a great idea if someone is going to join the family through marriage. An experienced investigator can navigate this without causing unnecessary stress or shining unwelcome attention on the matter.

Perform Senior Care Audits

It is not uncommon for some families to hire caregivers to provide care for ill or elderly family members instead of placing them in a facility. Unfortunately, elderly clients are prone to abuse from their carers more so when family members do not live in the same home. A professional private investigator can perform caregiver surveillance without letting the erring caregiver know.

Other private investigative services related to senior care audits include care facility investigations and financial statement audits. It is not a secret that some individuals can take advantage of elderly people and commit financial abuse. An experienced investigator can scope this out and gather supporting data as well.

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