How Private Investigators Can Uncover Hidden Income for Child Support Payments


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The purpose of Child Support Payments is to be as fair as possible to both parents, while still meeting the needs of the child.

Unfortunately, some parents refuse to fulfill their obligations. Despite having had sufficient financial resources before the separation, these parents suddenly act as if they have no money when it comes to paying child support.

If the parent of your child has obtained an unreasonably low child support order, there are actions you can take. By gathering evidence of inferred income, you may be able to pursue a modification of the child support order.

At Haywood Hunt we utilize several investigative techniques including surveillance, asset tracing and OSINT (open source intelligence) to obtain the evidence you need to prove that they are evading their obligations.

Get Evidence to Uncover Unreported Income

There are various methods to uncover whether or not your partner is truthful about their income. One approach is to search for evidence that contradicts the lifestyle they claim to have, such as owning a car or property that exceeds their reported earnings.

Another option is to scrutinize financial records, such as bank statements and credit card transactions, which will reveal how much your partner is spending and on what.

If your partner is self-employed, examining their financial statements can expose any suspicious deductions. Additionally, hiring a private investigator to track their activities may yield valuable evidence, particularly if they have a habit of being paid in cash.

If you suspect that your ex is working under the table, there are ways to gather evidence to prove it. One option is to enlist the help of a private investigator who can follow your ex and document any regular work activity.

How Private Investigators Can Help

Private investigators can uncover valuable evidence for your child support case. Several techniques may be employed, including:

If you feel that something is not adding up with your child support payments and you need some clarity, we’re here to help. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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