Meet the Top 5 People That Your Partner May Likely Cheat With

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Concerns of infidelity are common in relationships these days and so, peace of mind is getting harder to keep even with a faithful partner. With more and more time that most people spend outside the home, it just so happens that getting away with infidelity is easier and thus, can lead to some people having stronger doubts regarding a partner’s fidelity more so if someone has a history of cheating.

If you suspect that your partner or spouse may be having an affair, then you need not look far to find out with whom the affair might be. Statistics show that the majority of affairs happen within a couple’s social circle or with people that they are already acquainted with. If you’re curious who are the most likely suspects, then meet the top 5 people that your partner may likely cheat with.

The Old Flame

The internet has made it a lot easier for exes to meet again, be it via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or even LinkedIn. While there is no harm in adding an ex to your social network, the issue is that old feelings can be rekindled when someone has a steady dose of photos, videos, and other content from an ex. Likes and follows may lead to some boundaries being crossed and before you know it, a once loving partner may go back to the arms of an ex once there is a slight issue in your relationship. This does not mean that you shouldn’t trust your partner, but some exes may take advantage of their familiarity and inch their way back to your partner’s life.

The Work Hubby or Work Wifey

Do you know that around 36% of cheaters have done the deed with a coworker according to the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy? The real numbers may be higher considering that this estimate pertains only to those who admitted to cheating with a coworker. While there is nothing wrong with most friendships with the opposite sex, a close relationship with a coworker has a higher chance of leading to a stronger feeling because most people spend a longer time at work than with their family. If your partner is spending too much time at work, then you may want to seek the help of a private investigator to see if you are dealing with a cheating spouse.

The Gym Buddy

Gyms are breeding grounds for sexy and healthy bodies which may prove to be too much of a temptation for some people. Seeing someone sweat it out at the gym can be a big turn on and so some people who are especially visual may give in to their impulses at the cost of their relationship. If you can be your partner’s gym buddy, then a situation like this can be avoided easier.

An Online Stranger

An online friend can seem harmless at first but for people who are lonely or spend a lot of time online, an online friend can quickly turn into an online lover. After all, an affair need not be physical and emotional cheating is just as common as physically cheating with someone.

The Nice Neighbour

The majority of extramarital affairs and other forms of cheating hide in plain sight and for married people, the most common cheating partner is a friendly neighbour. If a neighbour has been showing up at home too frequently or has been very helpful, then it might be time to take a closer look at their motives.

Do you think that your spouse or partner might be cheating? Put your worries to rest and give yourself some peace of mind by getting straight answers with the help of a private investigator. Contact us at Haywood Hunt if you need our private investigation services to catch a cheating spouse.

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