These Scams Might Be Targeting You if You’re from Mississauga

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Mississauga residents seem to be a target for some common scams these days. It doesn?t really matter how scam-savvy you think you are, how good you are at filtering fake emergency emails, and how smart you are in avoiding those circling fake-CRA texts that demand you pay back taxes in the thousands. There are plenty of scams out there and while you may be worldly enough to know how to dodge them, others may not be as lucky as you.

Mississauga police warn residents on almost a weekly basis to be aware of the common and not-so-common scams that are targeting Mississauga residents. Here are 5 scams that you should be aware of if you live in or anywhere near Mississauga:

Phone Scams

Aside from the fake texts from government agencies and offices, ringtone scams are becoming increasingly common. What looks like a low-cost ringtone subscription is a ploy that automatically subscribes you to an expensive service with no means to opt out of.

Other phone scams in Mississauga prompts you to call back because a caller has suddenly hung up after you?ve answered the call. This can also happen with text messages.

Romance Scams

Dating and romance scams target everyone, but they do love to set their sights on people who are from ?nice? neighbourhoods. While a lot of romance and dating scammers a doing what they are doing for thrill or sexual reasons, others are in it for the money.

You should be aware that some dating websites are using fake profiles to pose as other members to make you pay to sign-up. The greedier sites even charge you to send and receive messages from another member who may not even exist in real life.

Other romance and dating scams reported by Mississauga residents are a variation of the email scams wherein someone you may be talking to for a while has a sudden emergency abroad with no access to their own finances. Some will be about a sick relative or some other emergency and will make you feel so bad that you end up offering financial ?help?.

Grandparent Scam

If you?re an elderly Mississauga resident, then you should be aware of a form of emergency scam known as the grandparent scam. In this scam, someone will pretend to be your relative or grandchild and will state that he/she is in serious trouble and need some immediate funds. This scam can be more elaborate and may involve a fake police officer or a fake lawyer who?ll speak to you on behalf of the person pretending to be your relative or grandchild.

Service Scam

Mississauga residents are also targeted by scammers pretending to be representatives of companies that provide services like cable or internet subscription. The scammer will offer the unsuspecting victim some great deals on services and ask for the victim?s financial details. The victim will then be charged with hundreds or up to a few thousand worth of fake service.

Various Internet Scams

No matter where you may be from, whether you?re from around Mississauga or somewhere else in Ontario, internet scams will follow you for as long as the internet exists. Most internet scams use malicious software to get access to your personal data and passwords and some install malicious software in your computer for other sinister reasons.

Awareness and vigilance are what we need to fight off scams. We hope that you?ve learned something from this article and share this with friends and loved ones in and beyond Mississauga.

If you suspect you may have been a victim of a scam or being targeted for one, do not hesitate to contact local authorities or a trusted private investigator firm. If you have questions regarding our private investigation services in Mississauga, you may contact us at Haywood Hunt & Associates.

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