Top 2018 Cyber Security Predictions You Should Know About Part 2

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We recently talked about our Top 2018 Cyber Security Predictions and here is the second and last part to this series. Cyber security threats are on the rise and it won?t hurt to be as well-informed as possible to keep your business and private accounts safe. Here are more internet security predictions you should keep a watchful eye on this year.

Rise in Blockchain

Centrify CEO Tom Kemp says that there is a huge possibility of blockchain becoming a disruptor in many areas of technology, not just cryptocurrencies. This is seconded by Lockheed Martin, a U.S. Defense contractor who?s currently investigating cyber security options that are blockchain related. He added that many years are still needed before the technology can be developed enough to address vulnerabilities and be a basis for enterprise security.

Extortion May Be an Issue with Europe?s GDPR

Come May 25, EU?s General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect and will make sure that organisations will protect the data of their customers better by making them pay huge penalties. Trend Micro believes that this could lead to criminals extorting money from organisations in exchange for not hacking the organisation?s system and hence avoiding having to pay any penalty. A new criminal system of milking money from organisations will emerge with possibility of creating more internet security issues down the road.

North Korea and the United States Go Into Cyber War

It is widely believed that both countries have been carrying cyber attacks against each other over the years and 2018 is predicted to be the year they will do it in full view of the internet. Tensions are likely to escalate with the public possibly getting affected this time, predicts LogRhythm.

IoT Bad News Isn?t Going to Go Away

Varonis VP of field engineering says that brands that joined the IoT train will have more issues to deal with. 2017 saw the effects of how BlueBorne and KRACK can exploit Bluetooth and WIFI, raising a red flag over existing security concerns. This year hackers will keep on using unprotected devices to their advantage by spying on people and breaking into corporate networks. Botnets will be used further in DDOS attacks trying to take down government and new websites. It will take a lot before people finally understand that their home WIFI networks are being used to target their devices and get their data including breaking into other networks they are connected to.

Cyber Security Insurance Will Be A Lot More Expensive

Its only a matter of time before a billion dollar cyber insurance policy claim is filed, predicted RedSeal Inc. CEO Ray Rothrock. Because of this, companies may begin to make cyber check-ups mandatory before negotiating rates.

Aside from the top cyber security predictions that we shared in part 1 of this post as well as the ones we mentioned above, Cybary chief operating officer Kathie Miley predicts that there will be an increase in business crippling DoS (denial of service) attacks. This year is certainly not going to be easy for internet security!

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