Why You?re Vulnerable to White Collar Crime

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Why indeed? And what?s white-collar crime? Do you know that white collar crimes affects more people on a daily basis than all the thefts, murders, and other ?violent? crimes put together in our present society?


Let?s talk about fraud. Fraud is everywhere, and everyone is very vulnerable. It ?rapes? and it ?hurts?. It?s also brutal and relentless; but then, it is one of those things which people are not so effective at noticing, even when it happens right in front of them!

So what?s white-collar crime and why is it so serious?

Let?s Talk About White Collar Crime

Think about this, each time a corrupt public official or shady businessman commits an act of deceit, it?s not just a one or a few people getting affected. We?re talking of thousands here! Millions even!

That?s what white collar crime is all about!

It is about someone committing fraud on a small or big scale but not obvious or clumsy enough to make the police go after them or notice them.

?and that?s why it is so easy to let their acts slide (for the most part). After all, what?s a few white lies? What?s a $0.05 price increase per pill or per kilowatt hour? What?s a few mistakes done over and over and over again? A little padding of expenses won?t hurt the company (or whoever), right?

We let things like the above examples go by unpunished because it is so easy to shrug acts like these as a ?normal? part of human condition. Who are we to judge someone when we are all vulnerable to temptation? Can?t we just forgive and give the other cheek? That?s what nice people do, right?

The Vulnerable Mindset

Do you know that people with ?criminal minds? can see through someone with a vulnerable mindset? That it?s unbelievably easy to ?go for the kill? when someone is simply asking for it?

That?s how white-collar criminals sees things. Na?ve and nice people are prime targets. They?re ?easy pickings?, more so if they have an exploitable weakness.

What?s that?

Being very understanding is an exploitable weakness. Being easily swayed is another exploitable weakness?same as being too trusting.

Have you ever been taken for a ride? Pranked?

If yes, and yes, then it might be time to take a long hard look at how you handle yourself, because this means you?re easily taken advantage of.

So how does this relate to white-collar criminals?

The White-Collar Criminal Mind

White-collar criminals consider your morality, needs, good nature, ethics, desires, and humanity as weaknesses which can be exploited and used against you. They use a potent combination of deceit and persuasion to get what they want. That makes them fraudsters; hence, the term white-collar criminal.

Ouch! Sounds familiar?

What you need to know is that the white-collar criminal is in for the long con. They will make you like them with a combination of charm and deceit. In fact, you?ll like them so much it will be difficult to expose them for who they are.

You see, a white-collar criminal can be generous, nice, and even do ?good deeds? – but all with an ulterior motive. Think of it as someone going on a date with the intention of drugging the date after gaining a bit of trust. That?s how it is, only a lot more subtle and really for the ?big heist?.

What You Can Do

Don?t be a victim. No matter how nice you think someone is, if you feel something is off with that person, distance yourself and try to look at the situation with an objective eye. Better yet, ask a professional or a trusted friend.

Don?t think that the threat of punishment is enough to deter people with a nasty endgame. If caught, they will say sorry, act repentant, and make you feel that you?re being too harsh on them. It?s a never ending cycle and you being taken for a ride just won?t stop unless you stomp your foot on the brake.

To Sum it Up?

If someone is making you doubt yourself or your gut feel of that person is not jiving with what you see, it is best to investigate and hold off trusting that individual (unless you?re family, but private eyes can help with that as well).

Hey, if you want answers, we?re here. All it takes is a phone call and you?ll finally have the answers you want. Remember, white-collar criminals are good, but having a good (private) eye to look out for them is wayyyyy better!

If you are looking for a private investigator in the Toronto area, give us a call today!

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