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Our family and loved ones, including our friends, are growing up in a society very different from what it was like ten, or even five years ago. They are facing new challenges in life, new opportunity that can lead them down the wrong path in life, and these teens are taking proactive measures to keep their private life away from their parents. We will conduct surveillance of your young adult(s) and compile a report on activities about things such as their lifestyle, drug use, peers, bullying, and work life.


At Haywood Hunt, we utilize the full depth of open source digital information, with it’s ever expanding sources, methods and wealth of valuable data. We employ the top recognized & accomplished OSINT investigators in the nation, including senior ex-law enforcement intelligence officials and senior ex-military intelligence experts.

OSINT or Open Sources for Intelligence is a vast, complex and ever changing network, which involves traditional media, web-based communities and social networks (ie. Facebook, Twitter etc), public data, professional and academic digital sources, geospatial methods and the deep web.


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We are Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded

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