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ontario auto fraud

Fraud Uncovered at Ontario Auto Body Shops

Aviva Canada, an insurance company, found out that workers employed at some auto body shops would deliberately damage vehicles, bill for towing that never happened, and create invoices for phantom repairs. What is even more shocking that only 1 out of 10 repair outfits acted honestly according to Aviva?s investigation.

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canada fraud

Top Ranked Canadian Military Judge Charged with Fraud and Other Serious Offences

It is sad to note that the people we are supposed to trust are turning to fraud, placing more pressure to private individuals and business owners alike to have adequate fraud prevention policies in place. The same pressure was certainly felt by Canada?s military justice system when it had to charge the Force?s highest ranking judge for inappropriate behaviour and fraud recently.

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ontario fraud

Ontario Needs to Take Pharmacy Fraud Seriously

Pharmacy fraud is a bitter reality in Ontario same as other types of fraud that have proliferated over the years. And with health-related fraud cases on the rise causing a huge loss in taxpayer money, shouldn?t it be time for the proper authorities to act promptly?

A recent report shared that the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care was able to recover around $5 million per annum from its pharmacy inspections, bringing to light how much more we?re losing to pharmacy fraud. In fact, estimates place it at more than $100 million a year!

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fraud part2

Top 2018 Cyber Security Predictions You Should Know About Part 2

We recently talked about our Top 2018 Cyber Security Predictions and here is the second and last part to this series. Cyber security threats are on the rise and it won?t hurt to be as well-informed as possible to keep your business and private accounts safe. Here are more internet security predictions you should keep a watchful eye on this year.

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fraud canada 2018

Top 2018 Cyber Security Predictions You Should Know About Part 1

2018 is already in full swing, but are you aware of the possible new threats in cyber security that?s lurking the web? We only have predictions and of course we hope that very little of the following would be true and that we?ll have a safer year as far as cyber security is concerned ? but that remains just a hope. It pays to be prepared to face cyber threats to avoid cyber security mishaps to begin with.

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canada fraud investigations

2017 Round Up of Fraud in Canada

Although Canada has quite a positive image compared to nearby countries south of the border, it still got infiltrated by not so good entities and those who have less than honourable intentions as evidenced by numerous fraud articles we featured the past year.

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