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The Top 6 Dating Site Scams and How to Avoid Them

The continued rise in popularity of online dating has attracted a swarm of online scammers targeting unsuspecting users. These scams can be disheartening, deterring people from exploring online dating. However, understanding and vigilance can help shield against these fraudulent schemes.If you’re new to the online dating world and want to protect yourself from possible scams, this article is for you. We delve into the prevalent scams on dating platforms and provide practical advice on safeguarding oneself.

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How to Avoid Getting Catfished Online

In the ever expanding digital era, which now includes AI, meeting new individuals online comes with an element of uncertainty with some people constructing deceptive online personas, often on social media or networking platforms known as catfishing. Thankfully, guarding against catfishing isn’t that difficult. There’s an array of tools both online and offline that can aid in confirming the authenticity of those you encounter on the internet. Let’s delve into the strategies you can adopt to shield yourself from the pitfalls of catfishing.

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Can a Private Investigator Find Missing People?

As professional and ethical private investigators, we frequently encounter the question, “Can a private investigator find someone?” In fact, it’s one of the most common questions we get asked. So, let’s delve into the matter: Can a private investigator really locate someone effectively?

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2023 Infidelity Statistics: The Ultimate Guide to Who Cheats More, Men or Women?

Cheating in romantic relationships has been a complex and prevalent issue for centuries. Although non-monogamous relationships are becoming more common, the majority of people still hold the expectation of faithfulness from their partners. Nevertheless, cheating remains widespread. In our latest article, we delve into the latest cheating statistics for 2023. You just might be surprised by the results!

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Investment Scam Statistics 2023

In 2022, investment scams in the United States and Canada resulted in the loss of over $6.3 billion for more than 106,000 individuals. The convenience of online investing has made it tempting to click and invest, lured by the promise of substantial financial gains. In our latest blog post we delve into the latest fraud statistics for online investment scams in 2023.

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Business Fraud Statistics for 2023

The current global economic and geopolitical situation has created a multitude of challenges for businesses and individuals worldwide. The uncertainties surrounding financial stability and employment have heightened risks, increasing the potential for fraudulent activities that can further harm businesses. In this article we’ve compiled the most significant business fraud statistics for 2023.

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Online Romance Scams – Dating Scam Statistics 2023

In recent years dating has transcended the limitations of meeting people solely in person. With over 57 million individuals using dating apps in the United States and over 7 million in Canada, the opportunity to connect with others online has never been more convenient. Unfortunately, not everyone on these platforms has genuine intentions. Some individuals exploit these apps to carry out romance scams. At Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc., we have compiled 25 important statistics that show the extent of Romance Scams in 2023.

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The Power of Open Source Intelligence Explained

The presence of easily accessible public records is one of the most crucial tools for private investigators in the digital era. While the information available to the public hasn’t significantly changed, the process of obtaining it has undergone a remarkable transformation. In our latest blog post we explain the power of open source intelligence and public records.

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4 of the Top Scams in Canada Right Now and How to Avoid Them

The rise of the internet and technology has not only made our daily activities more convenient but has also opened up opportunities for scammers. Fraudsters are always coming up with new ways to trick their targets, and sadly, they are often successful. A recent study by CPA Canada’s annual fraud survey revealed that 46% of respondents had fallen victim to financial fraud at some point in their lives. This blog post outlines some of the scams that are currently taking the greatest financial toll on Canadians and offers advice on how to protect yourself.

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