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Mississauga Residents Must-Knows About the Do Not Call List

Peel Police have been warning people for a few months now about the numerous ploys used by scam artists, including the fake calls from the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) demanding people to pay fabricated outstanding tax obligations?but question is, where are these calls coming from?

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These Scams Might Be Targeting You if You’re from Mississauga

Mississauga residents seem to be a target for some common scams these days. It doesn?t really matter how scam-savvy you think you are, how good you are at filtering fake emergency emails, and how smart you are in avoiding those circling fake-CRA texts that demand you pay back taxes in the thousands.

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Ottawa Janitor Found Guilty of Immigration Fraud

A judge has found a janitor guilty of immigration fraud as evidence surfaced that a janitor from Ottawa moonlighted as an immigration fixer who tried to bribe Canadian immigration officials while pocketing thousands of dollars in the process.

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Jacques Corriveau Found Guilty of Fraud

It certainly took a very long time, but justice was indeed served when a jury found 83 years old Jacques Corriveau guilty of 3 charges of fraud recently. It took a decade before Corriveau was charged after being identified as a key figure in a scandalous sponsorship scheme.

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