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toronto fraud

Homeowner?s Quest for Justice Results in Fraud Charges

When you contact a professional to do repairs or renovations in your home, the last thing you expect is for that person to take your money and vanish into thin air. That?s exactly what happened to a Steven Morrison when he hired handyman Evgeni Ostrovski to build his backyard deck.

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Jacques Corriveau Adscam Trial Begins

Years after since his involvement in the sponsorship scandal, Jacques Corriveau was set to stand trial just a few weeks ago. He was arrested back in 2013 on accusations of counterfeiting documents, fraud, and laundering the money begotten from the crime.

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brampton fraud

Millionaire Found Beaten and Ditched in Brampton Charged with Fraud

When you think of fraud, the farthest thing that would come to your mind is for someone to get himself kidnapped, beaten up, and thrown in a ditch. That would be beyond strange, indeed!

The situation above seems to be what happened to self-described millionaire Reza Mokhtarian. Mokhtarian claimed that he was kidnapped by 10 men, was beaten to a pulp, and then was dumped in a ditch in Brampton earlier this year.

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mississauga fraud

Mississauga Furniture Store Have Been Discovered to be Scamming Customers for Years!

Mississauga?s Rooms and Furniture Accessories has been serving customers since 2012 and it looks like they?ve been defrauding people since then. Just a quick google search and you?ll find complaints after complaints bearing the message DO NOT BUY. What?s incredible about all this is the fact that the store still seems to be operating today and still doing harm to people.

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Employees as First Line of Defense Against CEO Fraud

Alarming as this may sound, CEO fraud emails are becoming more common in recent times. Scams like these are often well-crafted and may sound legitimate; thus targeting employees that may not be too savvy with how the organization works. For this reason, employee education is of utmost importance to combat this type of fraud and when possible, mitigate risks and losses.

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